Black Show

Black Sho

This project is a collaboration of many New York artists. It would happen once every one or two months. The difference was that each time we would be given a color and each artist would choose the medium. There were no real guidelines, except the color. As you can see, this first image is the invitation (not designed by me) and my piece was the fish like sculpture. I worked along with another artist. The idea was to create something that was bendable so the viewer could have a more up-close interaction. Making each circle out of wire and then connecting all of them with thinner wire created this sculpture. The use of the different size circles also evoked a more 3d effect as opposed to having a flat piece hanged on the wall with the same size circles.

Each artist has a meaning towards what they create but what I enjoy the most is listening to the viewers approach and perspective of it. To me the idea behind it all is that one single circle represents an individual yet the connection and togetherness of many more creates a greater outcome with better results. Nothings is possible without the help and collaboration of others.


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