Now you already know my name and have seen a few of my pieces. Here is a brief history about myself and my work.

The variety of projects embody the different experiences I have chosen to take advantage of in order to nurture my knowledge. Regardless of what it is, I always envision it as a new adventure that will help me grow as a human being. Because of this I have a more holistic perspective on the world  that has guided my development making me the person I am today.

I left Honduras at the age of eighteen in search of a challenge and an adventure. I chose to live in New York, a place that I had never been to and could only imagine through pictures or movies. A place to discover and a place that was big enough to let me prove my worth.

To be honest, at first I thought it was going to be a hard journey. I was trying to take in the drastic change especially because I did not know anyone and everyone around me seemed so different. I felt out of place. It took a while before the city started growing on me. That change happened because I put myself out there. I made friends with amazing people I would have never otherwise gotten to know. I also began to engage in different activities that I had never experienced  Now I love New York because it opened so many doors for me at so many levels mainly because it made me leave my comfort zone.

It has not been easy but fortunately my parents ingrained in me a valuable lesson, namely, that perseverance was the key to reaching your goals.   Everything I have gone through or experienced has confirmed its veracity. It is now a maxim that is helpful in my life; my capacity to persevere.



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